Privacy Policy

We, at, the producers of Your Show, value your privacy and the privacy of your friends. This Privacy Policy has been set in place in order to notify you how we process your personal information, what personal information we save and who else has access to your information.

  1. You consent (please read carefully!)

    By accessing and/or using Your Show, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy, including to the collection and processing of your Personal Information (as defined below). If you disagree to any term provided herein, you may not use Your Show.

  2. What personal information do we keep?

    Following your authorization via Facebook, we keep some of your personally identifiable information, including your user name, email address, Facebook ID, your friend list, your profile photo and other personal information you specifically send to us, or specifically approve our access to.

  3. What non-personal information do we keep?

    We also keep some non-personal information; we cache the information which is transferred through our service for a limited time. Moreover, we collect and process some information which relates directly to your use of Your Show, such as the time spent on our service, your browser, operating system, time zone and other non-personal information. We may use cookies to authenticate your login and to process your behavior on the service.

  4. What information do not store:

    We do not permanently store any information regarding the content of your statuses, your messages, your contacts' names or any sensitive information such as your sexual preferences, your religion, any trade-union affiliation or medical information. Similarly, we do not store your payment information, credit card and other similar data.

  5. How do we process your information?

    We collect your personal information through your social network's application program interface (API) and cache it in order to present it to you in a TV format. When you use our services to Like, Comment on, or Share other users' content, we refer you to your social networks. With this reference, we may process and send them some information regarding the content you liked.

  6. Who has access to your information?

    If you specifically Like, Comment or Share content via our service, the related information is transferred to your social networks and/or your specified friends. Our staff may not see your personal information unless you specifically ask for it. Our servers reside in a secured environment, protected by industry-standard data security tools and procedures. We may use some information in an aggregated manner to provide you with better service or advertisements.

  7. Why do we retain your friends' list?

    We keep a list of your friends' Facebook ID's in order to provide you with better service, to give more screen time to people who are more interesting to you. This list is encrypted on our servers, disengaging a direct link between the user and their data.

  8. Links to external websites, 3rd Party Services & Processing:

    While using Your Show you may encounter links to third party websites (such as YouTube). Please be advised that such third party websites are independent from Your Show, and we assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to privacy matters or any other legal matter with respect to such third party websites. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policies and the terms of use or service of such websites. We also use the services of 3rd parties, including analytical services, authentication services and others such as Google Analytics and Facebook Connect; Such services collect personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information; Please make sure that you read and understand the 3rd Party Privacy Policies prior to using service.

  9. Emails and Promotional Activity:

    We may contact you through email to send you updates and notifications, including promotional activities, and you may opt-out of these emails.

  10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    The terms of this Privacy Policy will govern the use of Your Show and any information collected therein. Company reserves the right to change this policy at any time, so please re-visit this page frequently. In case of any material change, we will make reasonable efforts to post a clear notice on Your Show.

    Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective as of the stated “Last Revised” and your continued use of Your Show on or the Last Revised date will constitute acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes.

  11. How to contact us?

    If you have any questions or comments regarding your privacy and Your Show, please contact us directly by sending an email to and we will make an effort to reply within a reasonable timeframe. Thank you!