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About Social Studios

Social Studios was founded by TV and Internet executives who saw an opportunity to produce engaging, personalized TV shows from social media newsfeeds. While social media platforms have yet to deliver a TV experience that viewers want to watch, Social Studios’ social media TV app quickly identifies posts from people's close friends and favorite pages and automagically turns them into Your Show. The professionally produced daily TV show, Your Show, complete with presenter, makes for entertaining viewing on any screen.

Anat Amibar

Co-Founder & CEO

Anat has more than a dozen years of experience driving strategy and product development for consumer web applications. Before founding Social Studios, she led product development at Yahoo!, Gogobot, myThings, and FareChase. Her professional passion is providing outstanding user experience and value. On the home front, she shares the joys and challenges of raising four young children with her husband. She also enjoys singing with a local group to maintain a sense of balance.

Moshi Delgo

Co-Founder & COO

Moshi thinks big and aims high, all with uncanny product intuition. Tapping into his web application development skills using open-source platforms, he’s built multiple apps and products based on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter that to date have been used by more than 100,000 consumers of online media. Moshi can take pretty much any idea and turn it into something real. During development or brainstorming for new concepts, or simply just to relax, he loves listening to music and playing on his acoustic guitar.

Yaeli Avnery

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Before co-founding Social Studios, Yaeli spent more than 13 years as creator, executive producer, and show runner of some of Israel's highest rated prime time TV shows, among them the Israeli versions of "Survivor," "Beauty and the Geek". Considered a leader in the world of Israeli TV content and development, Yaeli also created three original reality shows, "TLV," "U-Man," and "love lab,” all of which were sold to multiple countries around the world. On the rare occasion that she’s not working in TV, she follows politics with a passion and considers herself to be somewhat of a news junkie.

Ran Tavory

Co-Founder & CTO

Ran brings more than 15 years of web software experience to his role at Social Studios. He built consumer products of mass scale at Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Outbrain, and Totango, and he also developed and contributed to several high-profile open-source projects. He’s a domain expert in the fields of NoSQL, web infrastructure, scaling, deployment automation, and continuous deployment. He’s also a blogger, a high-profile podcaster, and a software craftsman. In his occasional free time, Ran likes to hang out with his wife and two beautiful daughters, or play the drums with his rock band.

Tom Grasty

Business Development

Tom leads our content acquisition and distribution strategies. With an award-winning start-up (Stroome) under his belt, he’s driven to make a game-changing difference in how people consume content. Prior to founding Stroome in 2009, he spent a decade in the film and television business, overseeing the development of more than 100 hours of film, television, documentary, and digital properties at HBO, VH1, and DreamWorks. A published novelist, he also teaches part-time in the television/film departments at UCLA and Cal State Fullerton and is a regular contributor to PBS MediaShift Idea Lab and the Huffington Post.

Noa Tishby

Advisory Board and Host

A household name in Israel, Noa has starred in several TV shows and movies, and she once had the number-one record in the country. She’s also appeared in numerous TV programs and films in the United States, among them “CSI,” “Ghost of Girlfriends Past,” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.” On the production side, she sold the first Israeli TV show to become an American series, “In Treatment,” to HBO. She co-produced the series, which won a Peabody Award and has been nominated for multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, with Mark Wahlberg. In 2012 Noa made the Hollywood Reporter list of 12 female executives to watch. She was also named one the 50 most powerful Jews in the world, alongside Mark Zuckerberg.

Ori Shmolovski


Ori started programming 1 day after the Internet showed up. creating beautiful, engaging, easy to use, cutting edge web applications that adds real value to the users is he's passion. UX/Product side of the development is part of his skills set but he will never leave the keyboard(unless something more efficient then keyboard will be invented). likes to juggle while solving problems, play guitar and ski.

Onn Henner

MultiMedia artist

What They're Saying About Us:

“Your Show, which is being launched by Social Studios, is something of a Facebook first.” - Francis Bea, Digital Trends

“It is a really sweet idea and I think it could be massively viral very quickly.” - Ashley Norris, Shiny Shiny

“…I could see this kind of programming become part of something bigger…” - Janko Roettgers, GigaOM

“A new app on Facebook takes the glitz and glamour of Hollywood TV shows and crosses it with users' news feeds…” - Salvador Rodriguez, LA Times

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